Jewellery & Packaging

Are you worried about the lack of sales in your brick and mortar jewellery shop, despite the fact that your shop has one of the widest ranges of jewellery items, suitable for all types of budgets? Are you sure that you have the correct display unit as well as focus lamps that highlight the pieces of precious and semi precious stones, adding an extra appeal to them? Do you know that quite a huge percentage of people purchase their requirements of jewellery items on impulse, so that they can keep them and present them to their loved ones on special occasions such as marriages, birthdays, and anniversaries? Therefore, your first task is to alter the display boxes as well as the lighting to put emphasis on the items you are selling. 

A brief online search will provide you with details of interior designers that specialize in decorating jewellery shops. They will examine your store and tell you about novel ways to show off your goods. You should also alter the window display of your store and add mirrors behind the showcases, as the reflection from those mirrors play a huge role in accentuating the beauty of the jewellery items. The next stage is to plan the packaging. jewellery boxes packaging should be such that they highlight the precious items kept in them, as well as protect them from accidental damage because of the pressure they are subjected to when kept in a stack or from corrosion through exposure to the atmosphere.

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Opt for the best case

Keep your jewellery items on a white sheet of paper and view them. Now put them on blue or red coloured buffed paper. It appears as if the precious stones and metals have an extra glimmer when put on those coloured papers. However, as the precious base metals such as silver, gold, and platinum might be scratched when placed on abrasive surfaces, it is advisable to use soft velvet cloth for lining the boxes. Typically, packaging consists of a wooden box, adorned with coloured cloth on the outside, and soft velvet on the inside.

Selecting the boxes properly is very important. On the one hand, you should hire the services of professionals who specialise in making boxes for storing and displaying costly jewellery. On the other hand, you can purchase these boxes in bulk from online stores, most of which will foil print the details of your store on top of the box for a nominal charge. Following these steps will increase the sales of jewellery pieces from your store.